How to make tanking pets tank.

August 7, 2007 at 8:47 am (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Just a quick idea, currently base DPS and abilities are the only factors in producing threat.  This means that pets made for tanking (crocs, crabs, bears, etc) cant tank because they cant hold agro.  What I’d like to see is threat increased by the pets’s health or armor modifier (highest stat), and reducing threat by the pet’s damage if that’s the highest stat.

For instance, my crab has +13% armor from base line, so he would generate 13% more threat from all abilities.  Bears would generate +8% threat.  A cat with +10% damage would _reduce_ threat by 10% from all abilities.  This now creates a world where there actually is a difference between pets, instead of DPS/being king.  So you will be interested in getting a DPS pet for PvP and instances, and a tanking pet for soloing or OTing.



  1. Goeben said,

    I whole-heartedly agree that tanking pets need improvements in order to actually tank. My BM hunter had a turtle for a while, but I had to let it go. Right now, the only way for a turtle to “tank” effectively (over level 30 or so) is with Misdirection — not exactly an ideal solution. Crabs are more viable if you have Bestial Discipline and Go for the Throat — lots of Claw plus Kill Command generates a respectable amount of threat — but still are not ideal, especially if you between about level 30 and 66.

    Your idea is good, but some stat quirks with at least a couple of pet families would cause some problems. For example, Sporebats, Dragonhawks, and I think Serpents would gain nothing. Boars would actually gain threat, which I think most people would agree is that last thing they need with uber-agro Charge. Boars would go from a great pet to an absolute “must have.”

    If you look at what does work with the current system, the only two “tank” pets that are really viable are Scorpids and Boars, and the reason they are so effective, of course, is their special abilities — Charge+Gore and Scorpid Poison. One solution would be to introduce some new pet skills and adjust the existing ones. If every pet family had a unique attack ability, each ability could be tweaked to generate enough threat to be useful, or for high dps families, threat-nerfed to keep it from being too “uber.” This still wouldn’t help the poor Turtles, as Shell Shield is a defensive skill and it’s hard to imagine how it could help with up-front threat; they might need another special skill.

    Just looking at existing abilities, I would recommend that Thunderstomp have a shorter cooldown. As a former Gorilla owner, I can tell you that they lack a little in threat generation (+2% dps doesn’t help that much). If TS could reasonably be used at least once per fight, Gorillas would be much more viable.

    Another easy tweak would be to add a threat bonus to Warpstalkers’ Warp as well as giving the existing dodge bonus.

    And here’s a possibility for Nether rays: give them a drain mana ability like the untamed ones. Of course it would only work on casters. Give it a healthy threat bonus as well, and you would instantly have the perfect high-health caster-tank for grouping, as well as an interesting pet choice for PvP.

  2. Znodis said,

    I have a sneaking suspicion that charge is going to get nerfed. News just came out today that scorpid poison is. As for 3 families getting nothing, at least 20 will. I think it’ll be easier to implement this then add abilities for 3 families to balance, than try to do each family separately.

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