Being Bored So You Don’t Have To

August 6, 2007 at 1:32 pm (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

As mania seems to be working on pet loyalty I thought I’d do some experiementing of my own last weekend.  It was as follows:

  1. Tame a pet
  2. Note the time
  3. Sit in a city without entering combat
  4. At loyalty level 2, note time
  5. Tame 2nd pet of the same type and level
  6. Note time
  7. Stay in combat as much as possible
  8. At loyalty level 2, note time
  9. Compare the 2 times to see what difference combat makes

I spent the whole weekend on step 3.  After 10hours and 12 minutes, I think that at least the first loyalty ding requires combat.  And even if not, it’s pretty clear that being in combat makes a huge difference.  I did take a break and stable the pet for another to at least make some progress, and it took less than 20min to get that one to loyalty level 2.

My new plan is to tame another pet, get to loyalty 2 and see how long it takes to get to 3 without any combat.  This time there will be a 3 hour time limit.


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  1. Goeben said,

    My main is a level 70 Tauren hunter, and I have had several hunter alts as well. Even though the smiley face says “gaining loyalty,” I no longer believe it. My guess it that gaining loyalty is largely if not entirely a function of the amount of exp the pet has earned.

    At about level 64 I tamed Ironjaw in Terokkar, killed a few mobs on the way out, then spent the next several days (at least 15-20 hours /played) leveling trade skills, RPing, and doing gray quests for fun with friends in Azeroth. I gained no exp, therefore Ironjaw gained nothing as well. And he never dinged Unruly. Back in Terokkar, after a couple of hours of questing, he hit Unruly.

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