Tradeskills and Money in WoW

August 2, 2007 at 8:14 am (Tradeskills, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I just read this post on wowInsider talking about how much it costs to skillup each crafting tradeskill. Here’s a copy of the chart they created. (Note: There were too many variables for Jewelcrafting from 300-375 so there’s no red bar.)

Tradeskill Costs

You can easily see what skills really cost you in the game. Not to mention the cost of all the annoying loot arguments that tradeskills can cause. I guess my only comment about that is Alchemy looks like a pretty good use of your hard earned gold, since they also have some profitable potions to sell on the AH.

Now take a second look and ask yourself “Will I every make 4000g from blacksmithing?” No. What are you stupid? Now number 2: “Are the BoP items I can make from blacksmithing worth 4000g plus the price to craft the BoP.” Well, seeing as I’ve never seen an epic on the AH posted for more than 2500g, I’m going to say “no.” Now it might help you get that first raiding spot or something, but I think there are other ways to improve gear that do not involve all the time, money, and effort that a tradeskill does.

I would like to talk a bit about something else this shows. Who the biggest suckers are. That’s right. If you want to makes some g, it looks like you should really invest in mining to get some money off of blacksmiths, engineers, AND jewelcrafters. You can also see that if you make it to 275+ in enchanting you can make some pretty good money off your fellow enchanters trying to get to 375 (which I did and can attest to the profit). Skinning for leatherworkers isn’t a bad choice either.



  1. Bloodshrike said,

    Hey Z – I’d have to say that Jewelcrafting is on par with Blacksmithing for the cost of getting to 225, at least. I bid on most of the materials, so I got a lot of them randomly, at different times.

    At the rate I’m going, I’ll have enough to buy an Epic flying mount for each of my mounts by the time they grind up to that level.

    I just don’t care about the cost, though. I have 10 Horde alts on Demonsoul, 10 Ally on Daggerspine. I’m running all class types, with all professions. All of the Ally characters are going to be Engineers, with the first 5 or so having a secondary profession, and the other alts supplying them with mats from their farming professions.
    I’m more interested in having fun, and seeing every aspect of the game, rather than getting through the game quickly.

    It’s nice making my own potions, and being able to transmute Arcanite Bars once a day really made it easy when I needed to make my Arcanite Rod for Enchanting. :) It probably cost about 6 gold for the thorium bars and Arcane Crystal (I buy in bulk on weekends), and then I tipped a blacksmith 5g to make it for me, since my Blacksmith is only lvl 30 with 225 skill level.

  2. golden_hell said,

    Jewelcrafting for none farming lovers is much more expensive then what you show – specially the 225-300 level zone.

    All the components are very expensive – and if sold at the HA it would earn you much more then used to craft.

    Unique point is that after level 300 jewelcrafting is on par with alchimy : so easy…

    Enginering is the most exepensive.

    Anyway nowadays its definitely usefull :
    – the 350 BOP head craft are great (epic 127) (last pacth)
    – the XXL cable can be usefull (if they work)
    – the mote pump is funny and can have some use
    – the 43dps bullet are usefull for a hunter (last patch)
    – the major seaforium are amazing – you can live with no rogue to open a chest ! (last patch)

    Anyway engineering always lack some really tasty lvl 375 recipe (well the nex gun is good – but it s a warrior gun …)

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