My Tradeskill Experience in WoW

August 2, 2007 at 8:14 am (Tradeskills, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

You may be wondering why I seriously advocate not taking crafting tradeskills. Here’s my personal experience.

Way back in the days of being a newbie, I chose my professions. The first was enchanting. I figured everybody else was taking skinning+leather, mining+blacksmith, mining+engineering, or herbalism+alchemy, why not take something a bit different that every class wanted. Permanent stat increases. Big bucks right? Read on.

Well, I stopped in Darnassus every session to see if there were any Strange Dust to buy. Until I hit 15 and got my first green. Wonder what ‘disenchant’ does… pop, strange dust AND a skill up. Hurray! Oh wait. I can’t vendor it? But I don’t have any enchants that give skill ups with strange dust anymore… (I think I still have some strange dust in the bank.)

I got to level 30 and had about 5g saved up, and I had never bought anything on the AH. I knew my mount was fast approaching so I started to ask around about how to make money. Some said tailoring with no gathering needed and the ability to disenchant the items, but I couldn’t sell the stupid dusts and essences nor did anyone want enchants (unless they were free). Others said mining was good, but anyone thats a BS or engineer has that too.

I hit 40 with 75g and horrible gear. I think I had one piece of mail armor saved. At 42, a friend stepped in and loaned me the last 20g. I forgot that I got a discount, but kept the extra money as I hadn’t bought my new spells for several levels. Around 50, I started hearing about the huge numbers of mithril bars BS needed, and started seeing nodes around. Ah ha! Money to be made. I took mining and farmed all the way up. Finally, a few g. Unfortunately, I still had dreams of being an enchanter so I bought cheap gear on the AH, disenchanted, and skilled up. I think it took me about a year to hit 300, and then I noticed all the money making recipies were rare drops and required a rod that cost at least 100g to make.

I think I was 6 months into 60 when I first had 3 digits of gold.

“But Z,” you say. “How did you get your epic flying mount in BC so quickly.” That’s simple, I didn’t do one enchant until I bough it. Mining really is crazy money in BC, and the new enchants are in high demand. However those enchants are almost always expected to be ‘free with mats.’ So how do you get rich? Sell the matierials. Every green worthless cloth drop that vendors for 1.5g I disenchant for 2-3 Nether Dust that sell for at least 2g each.

When I first hit 70, I had 2000g. Instant flying mount. By the time I had finished SMV and NS quests (all post 70), I had 4000g. All this was without any repetitive farming. So I guess I could recommend enchanting for making money, but only if you treat it like a gathering profession and skill up just so that you can disenchant better items.



  1. Bloodshrike said,

    I’d agree, with exceptions. You can start making money from the start. Bid on and get 50 lvl 1-20 green items from the AH, or save them up from when they drop while grinding. DE all of them, to recieve 50 free skill levels. After that, either enchant stuff for alts, or enchant your own equipment over and over to use up those mats. That’ll probably get you to level 100. From then on, you can probably DE anything level 1-30
    in the AH that you can bid on, where it’s usually cheap.

    With my mage, I took up tailoring and enchanting, and started making a lot of money by posting mats, even at a low level. I repeated this experience on a new server, with great results (Probably 150 gold at lvl 11, minus buying recipes for all professions and 12-16 slot bags for 9 other alts).

    At first I would gather or buy linen cloth to make Brown Linen Robes, the cheapest green item you can make from tailoring. However, I realized that was a waste of time. The best way is to bid on items in the AH, then disenchant them. A great source of items to disenchant are the beginning rings that JC’s make. A Heavy Copper Ring will regularly DE into 5 strange dust, and you usually can pick it up for 10 silver. They usually post a lot of the same item, so you’re almost guaranteed to get it when you bid.

    Also, you have to control the market. Set up 1 or 2 alts. Send them a full stack of whatever your main enchanter is selling, and have them post for a higher price. For example, I’ll send both alts a full stack of Strange Dust, a full stack of Greater Magic Essence, and a stack of Greater Astral essence. Break some of the essences apart, and sell the lesser essences for an approximately greater price than the greater essence.
    Here’s a better example:
    Main: 5 stack SD 50-60s, 20 stack SD 1.75-1.85g, 1 GME 85-95s, 1 LME 30-35s, 2 LME 60-70s. 8 hours
    Alt 1: 5 stack SD 65-80s, 20 stack SD 2.6-3.2g, 1 GME 1-1.3g, 1 LME 40-50s, 2 LME 80s-1g. 24 hours
    Main: 5 stack SD 75-99s, 20 stack SD 3-4g, 1 GME 1.3-1.5g, 1 LME 50-60s, 2 LME 1.2-1.5g. 24 hours
    You’ll raise the price of low level mats in Auctioneer and help out future enchanters, you’ll make a profit with your reasonably priced materials, and sometimes your alts will sell stuff as well, since your posts will drop off the AH way before theirs do.

    And, when you get to 215 tailoring, you can make White Bandit Masks……
    1 bolt Mageweave + 1 bleach + 1 heavy silken thread = $$$$$$$
    This little beauty will DE into 1-5 Vision Dust, 1-2 Lesser Nether Essence, or occasionally 1 Small Radiant Shard.
    My main will post 5 VD for 2.4-2.6g, 1 LNE for 2-2.2g, and 2 LNE for 3.75-3.9g
    The alts will post proportionately higher.

    You have to control people’s stupidity. Left alone, they will undercut the mats into oblivion, making it pointless to try to sell mats. Most players won’t pay well for an enchant (“Well, all you have to do is click a button!” – Yeah, but I also have to pay gold to get to that level!), so they might as well pay for the mats for the enchant.

    I had 600 gold by level 35, and that was because of buying mageweave for 1.2 g for a full stack (way before I was fighting monsters that dropped it), and making the White Bandit masks.

  2. Bloodshrike said,

    “and help out future enchanters” – well, you’ll help out people smart enough to sell mats on the AH. Those that are only buying mats from the AH to powerlevel their professions quickly probably have gold to spare, otherwise they’d wait for green items to drop, or bid on items and wait for them to time out.

    So I’m not that cruel as to screw over future enchanters. :)

  3. Mania said,

    You know, that’s not a bad idea. Enchanting as a gathering profession … I like it! I think I might try it. :>

  4. Znodis said,

    The other thing thats really nice about enchanting as a gathering profession is no AH listing price. If your mats don’t sell, you don’t lose anything. Compare that to mining where theres 1.6g cost just to post a stack in the auction. If it doesn’t sell, it’s money wasted.

  5. Bloodshrike said,

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that. :)
    That’s the real reason sending mats to alts and having them post high is so successful. If the mats don’t sell, no harm no foul no cost. I actually don’t want them to sell, I want them to remain in the AH as placeholders.

  6. Hynjoku said,

    My first toon was skinning/leatherworking. After that, every toon (including multiple 70s, etc) is mining/enchanting. There’s gold in them there hills.

  7. Rob said,

    Regarding professions, its nice that you’ve seen the light about how to make gold in WoW. But you are still not mentioning a critical point; there’s alot of crap that drops that can be AHed easily. (greens are the exception, i found them to be worthless). Further, it depends on your server, but with skin, there is currently little market on my server (BWR) for higher-end skins such as rugged leather. Perhaps that’ll change, but these sell for 1-2g per stack. Not great, actually pretty close to what light leather sells for. Again i dunno about outland skins, i’m sure they are worth more; but from this data, i’d say at lvl 40-60 skin isn’t that much of a money maker. That being said, with skin/mine i have enough for my lvl 60 mount at lvl 53, with very little farming (but often you’ll have to farm a bit for mining to get it leveled up). So i’m not sure what’s the best gold profession as far as opportunity cost and time investment, mine takes a hell of a long time to level up.

  8. Eric said,

    After levelling 5 toons to 60 and 1 to 70 and multiple mid 30 alts; almost all on different servers; I’ve found that the material with highest return rate is Wool Cloth. Something so ridiculously easy to farm is often priced from 1.5g – 2g per stack. Easy to get a mage to level 30 or 40 and AE farm Shadowfang Keep for tons of the stuff per run.

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