Innate Skills

July 31, 2007 at 8:26 am (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I hit 10 on my new ICftB tauren hunter, and finally got my taming quests. The first 2 were quick and then I tamed a swoop. The interesting thing was that he had an innate skill.


Cool, I thought, now I don’t need to learn screech for when I tame my owl. I was about to hearth back and log for the night when I thought to check exactly what screech does. This was the tool tip:


Holy cow. An AoE stun from a pet. Needless to say I spent the full time limit trying to learn the skill… and then the other 2 charges as well. I went back to the quest-giver, expecting to have failed the quest since I no longer had a swoop pet, but he still would allow me to complete it. I debated for a second, then decided I’d rather move on and get to Teldrassil to tame an owl, than make a second attempt at learning something I couldn’t.

But this is really fascinating to me. There are 18 different beasts to tame for the level 10 quest: 3 for each of the 6 hunter starting areas. I doubt that this is the only hiccup. Anyone else found a beast durring those quests that had a skill you couldn’t learn?

List so far:

Swoop (Mulgore) – Swoop: Inflicts normal damage plus 18 to enemies in a cone in front of the caster, stunning them for 2 sec.

Barbed Crawler (Azuremyst Isle) – Thorns: 3-4 damage when hit. (I’d like a SS of the tool tip if possible.)



  1. hynjoku said,

    Yeah, a lot of the pets you tame for your initial hunter quest have what Mania calls “fake” skills. Basically, they are skills that only appear when pets are tamed for this quest. For example, boars have something called “Rushing Charge” which is similar to Charge, but not quite the same.

    Swoop would be a truly great pet ability, though.

  2. Mania said,

    My list so far:

    Dire Mottled Boar: Boar Charge
    – Instant, 10 sec cooldown
    – Increases the Physical damage dealt by the caster by 13 and its movement speed by 60% for 4 sec.

    Swoop: Swoop
    – Next melee (30 sec cooldown)
    – Inflicts normal damage plus 18 to the enemies in a cone in front of the caster, stunning them for 2 sec.

    Dun Morogh:
    Large Crag Boar: Rushing Charge (Rank 1)
    – Instant, 5 sec cooldown
    – Increases the caster’s movement speed by 66% for 3 sec. and causes it to inflict an additional 28 damage on its first attack.

    Ice Claw Bear: Ice Claw
    – Next melee, 30 sec cooldown
    – Inflicts normal damage plus 4 to an enemy, and increases the time between its attacks by 100% for 6 sec.

    I need to finish the Night Elf and Draenei quests so I can get full details on those (including Thorns on the Barbed Crawlers) as well.

  3. Eric said,

    I had levelled a draenei hunter to 20 and you have to tame a crab. It had thorns. I could have sworn that I went back with my actual tame spell and got a crab that still had thorns.

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