Beginner’s FAQ

July 30, 2007 at 10:15 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Turns out people like useful information. Who knew?

I started a new hunter on Zangramarsh with ICftB and I’m having a good time. Just got my tauren an owl. But playing in the newbie area, I’ve grown to appreciate how much I actually know about hunters, and there is A LOT to know.

I told Mania a few weeks ago I’d work on a FAQ for hunters to help make the info over at petopia more accessible to new players. Expect lots of links there. If you have any questions, questions you’ve been asked by a newbie, or examples of your own public newbness (not n00bness) let me know in a comment and I’ll try to keep things up to date.

The FAQ will be in the form of Guides for each area on the right side bar here. I’ll be adding links as the guides are completed.

Hunter Playstyle:

Pet Types:

  • What pet should I choose?
  • What is a pet family?
  • Where do I find a ____?
  • How are pet families different?
  • Are elite beasts better pets?
  • What are caster pets?

Hunter’s Pet Commands and Abilities:

  • When do I get a pet?
  • How can I tell if a pet is tamable?
  • How do I tame pets?
  • How do I feed my pet?
  • If I dismiss my pet will I lose it?
  • If I abandon my pet will I lose it?
  • What happens if my pet dies?

Pet Skills:

  • What skills can my pet learn?
  • What are the best skills?
  • How does my pet learn skills?
  • How do I learn skills to teach my pet?
  • What is Loyalty Level?
  • Will my ____ ever get a unique or improved skill?


  • My pet keeps running away and I need to tame a new one!
  • There’s a red, unhappy or yellow, blah face next to my pet.
  • My pet can’t taunt mobs off me!
  • I can’t tame ____.
  • I can’t get a group!


  1. Mania’s Arcania » Home of the Mystic: Beginner’s FAQ said,

    […] over at Home of the Mystic has started a great little Beginner’s FAQ for new hunters. The first section that’s up is about hunter playstyle and contains some […]

  2. Rob said,

    Pretty strong FAQ here for n00bs. Hunter is harder than you think, esp. with a grp because you have to switch modes completely. The only thing i would say is the conventional wisdom that says all your gear must be +agi is not necessarily true. You really need some +int +spirit stuff to make sure you have enough mana to go the long haul; this means less downtime against mobs.

    I really like the idea of goblin jumper cables, so many times my party would wipe, and i’d be there FD, twittling thumbs.

  3. Znodis said,

    Int and mp5 do have a place on hunter gear, but only on fights where it’s possible to run out of mana. Unless you’re raiding daily, that’s probably less than 1% of the time (and the FAQ is for beginners after all). I would never go out of my way to get some over the combat stats of Agi, AP, CR, and HR. Even sta I would value higher. If you’re running out of mana, use a potion. If you’ve used a potion for health already, well, you shouldn’t be getting hit. Also, I’ve never run out of mana in PvP. Sta is way more valuable there.

    For grinding there’s always the ability to drink.

    And just to clarify: newb = someone new to the game. n00b is someone that is not new but still acts that way.

    There is no hope for n00bs.

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