July 22, 2007 at 12:26 am (Game Design, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)


Just finished getting my dragon, and my crab is now 50% through 68. He started at about 50% through 62. Now Netherwing quests may not all involve killing mobs, but those were the ones I made sure I did everyday. The quests were somewhat interesting, and by the time I got revered I had enough that I could pick and choose the dailies I wanted to do and avoid some I could get bored with. Overall it’s the most painless grind I’ve done in WoW.

Leveling a pet just involves killing things for no other reason than to see the little purple bar slowly fill up, and the reward is nowhere as cool as getting to ride a dragon.

So if the devs don’t take my advice of deleting the stables (sorry about that, it’s been a negativity filled week) pet exp really needs to be looked at. My personal goals would be while leveling, given an average amount of questing, a pet should level up before the hunter is 50% of the way through. I’m thinking that this can be done by giving the pet exp based on what the hunter earns from mobs which will take rested state into account, as opposed to gaining exp percent from the mob’s base exp. And if that’s not enough open it up further to include any exp gained including quests. The current system actually rewards hunters for avoiding quest. And is there any reason that a pet needs to be a level behind the hunter? The only reason I can think of is to prevent leveling more than one pet while leveling the hunter, but I don’t see anything wrong with that either.

A level 70 hunter should gain pet levels 60-70 each in about an hour of grinding. Scaling through levels of course. Over all a total of ~10-12 hours to get a pet from 60-70. This seems to be a reasonable amount to me. A ‘hardcore’ could do it in a day if that’s all he focused on. A more casual player with 2hours a night could do it in a week. For any one saying this is too short, remember until about level 67 (with my very poor gear) it was impossible not to pull agro from the pet. I’d imagine a epiced out hunter would have problems until 69 or 70 even scaling back damage.

Actually, another idea would be to have a daily quest at 70 where you could talk to the NPC to automatically gain a level for one of your pets as the only reward. Now you have the choice bewteen a grind or patiently waiting. Now to find someone going to BlizCon to convince a dev… Or beat them with fish until they give in.



  1. Znodis said,

  2. fredd said,

    I totally agree with you. This is something which has bothered me for a while, as it really becomes a problem when attacking mobs 3 lvls above (do-able) but they are four lvls above my pet; gives him a hard time.
    As i got up the lvls it took longer to lvl the pet, painful; can’t see why.


  3. Jayla said,

    The other pet class is Warlocks. They have many types of pet for whatever they need and their pets are always their level. I dont see why our pets should be such a pain to keep at our level/level up.

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