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July 17, 2007 at 9:13 am (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I started my grind for a netherwing mount a few weeks ago. Since I’d only had time to play a few hours a night the daily quests really appealed to me. I also figured that my original pet crab deserved to be level 70. But I had noticed on my way to 70 that my raptor was really lagging behind my character. There were even times when I for instance hit level 68 before he hit 67. So, I decided to test to see which takes longer: a rep grind from neutral to exalted or leveling a pet from 62 to 70.

Well I’m currently at 9975/21000 revered with the Netherwing, and my pet just dinged 68.

I’m prepared to say this is ridiculous.

Now keep in mind, that previously mentioned raptor was tamed from the wailing caverns the summer before BC was released. It took me a couple lazy weeks to get him to 60. I did it through grinding Timbermaw rep and went from a bit into neutral to 1200 into friendly. at level 60 I still got exp from the level 48-49’s. I guess that’s both a testament to how hard rep grinds used to be, and how hard it is to level a pet now.

This is just a frustration post for now. There are some ‘simple solutions’ like halving exp required or doubling exp gained, but they don’t necessarily take into account other game factors.



  1. Mania said,

    This is why I sometimes get so furiously itch to sink my teeth into the code for pets. If I just knew how all the little pieces really fit together, I know I could find a simple, elegant solution to a whole host of pet messes. *grin*

  2. Znodis said,

    Open Source, distributed programming FTW!

    Truly, I’d love to see some real, professional game code. I’ve been trying for years to understand how to optimize, but my own attempts at game programming fall short of anything playable. I can’t seem to figure out how to abstract the functionality I want from the system code to do it. Instead of ‘move one unit to the right’ I end up writing code to move X pixels.

    I actually love design way more than the coding anyway. If only I had known 4 years earlier that I wanted to go into game design. But now I’m too old for that young world.

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