July 2, 2007 at 11:41 am (Game Design, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Enter the Pandaren:

For too long the Pandaren heard rumblings of the persistence of great wars. Many have shown themselves enemies of the earth and elements, and some argued that these have both greater numbers and strength. After much meditation, an exodus of young Pandaren have established a new home between the ocean and the peaks of Stonetalon Mountain. Here they have learned that 2 distinct forces oppose the spreading evil. As is the Pandaren way they did not wish to imbalance one side over the other, rather it is up to the individual to choose which army he will whole heartedly join. Many of these exiles have even chosen to forsake the way of their ancestors and embrace the foreigner’s ways, while others learn under the training of a new breed of Shodo-pan.

Enter Azeroth as a Pandaren with allegiance to either the Alliance or the Horde. Both camps exist side-by-side but the early areas are considered both horde and alliance controlled so new players must flag themselves first for PvP to test their skills. Chose from Druid, Shaman, Hunter, Warrior, Rogue, and the new Shodo-pan class.

Also introducing the Brewmaster tradeskill! Combine herbs with your favorite frothy beverages to tip the balance of your stats, such as Calming Wine: +5 int/-5 str.

New Class: Shodo-Pan

Resonance Meter – Increases at a steady rate with time in combat, abilities available only at certain levels of Resonance. Quickly lowers with time out of combat. A few abilities will lower Resonance by % as discussed in trees, while other abilities will lower by a flat amount. This means that those % abilities will use less resonance at the start of a fight, and get more costly towards the end. There are 5 levels 0-34, 35-64, 65-84, 85-94, and 95-100. The resonance level determines bonuses of +0/2/6/10/15% dodge, +0/5/10/15/20% threat, and -0/1/2/3/5% damage respectively.

Earn passive elemental companions (cannot be targeted) which give bonuses based on elements:

  • Level 10: Wind => Increase Resonance rate
  • Level 20: Earth => Longer CC
  • Level 30: Water => Dodge
  • Level 40: Fire => Extend the length of DoTs

War Dancer, Flow of battle (water aspect, frost school)

  • Tanking / close DPS tree, most ablilities are AoE/spash
    • Leather armor. Damage mitigation is done through Stuns, Dodge, and Resilience bonuses.
    • General rule is that DPS abilities will use flat amounts of Resonance which will keep it at lower levels.
    • Tanking abilities will use % of Resonance which allows them to be used early in the fight while maintaining resonance gain and do little damage (possibly 0 above 50 res to avoid breaking CC).
  • Dodge and threat generated by abilities increases with resonance, but DPS decreases.
    • A player wishing to DPS will want to keep Resonance low, tanks will try to keep it high.
  • Damage/threat is mostly magic based
    • med DPS with lots of spash
    • low AoE DPS.

Pikesman/Wind Poet (Air aspect, Arcane school)

  • Ranged Single Target playstyle
    • Has same of dead zone as hunters
    • Able to keep mobs at ranged through stun, snare, confusion, and knockback attacks (from Geomancy)
  • Self enchant weapons like to lower physical damage but raise magical damage with spash/cone/stun/DoT effects.
  • Uses resonance to hurl magic incarnations of 2H weapon dealing weapon damage from ranged.

Geomancy, Spirit Song – (Earth Aspect, nature school)

  • Master of CC
    • stun
    • knockback
    • confusion
    • DoT snares
    • DoT immobilize

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