Shot rotations

June 12, 2007 at 7:44 am (Hunter, Warcraft)

This is taken directly from ‘lythrdskynrd’ @ I am only posting here should something happen to the ‘probable’ sticky.

What is Shot rotation?

Shot Rotation is the order in which you shoot your bow/gun/crossbow. At any given time you can choose a number of different special attacks – the order you choose to do them in makes a *BIG* difference in the damage you do.

Optimal Shot Rotation

This first image shows the theoretical ‘perfect’ shot rotation … autoshot starts, you start a steadyshot, steady shot finishes and fires you fire off an arcane, while you’re waiting for the global cooldown your first autoshot goes off.

You start your second set of shots in plenty of time to never be wasting anything.

BM Shot Rotation

Bow speed and talents change the way we look at things … the beastmaster hunter for example gets a 20% increase to their shot speed. The BM hunter therefore leaves some thigns out of their shot rotation.

Everything but steady and autoshot in fact … though if they’re good they toss in the occasional Kill Command.

Bad Shot Rotation

Note that whenever possible you don’t want to delay your autoshot. Autoshot is damage that you do that costs NO mana at all … in terms of efficiency (Damage Per Mana) your auto shot is infinite.

All that red? Wasted damage.

Button Mashing Shot Rotation

Stop your button mashing! You make more red wasted space!!
Wasted space makes Baby Uuther Lightbringer cry!

You’ll notice the other things that AREN’T on this shot rotation
Serpent Sting
Aimed Shot

Serpent Sting isnt’ there because it has a low damage per mana rating – at any given timeslot in your shot rotation you can choose: Steady / Arcane / Multi / Serpent / Aimed if you choose to fire a serpent sting you essentially MISS the opportunity to fire a far more valuable shot – like multi or arcane.

Aimed Shot isn’t there because it commits the worst crime of all … it resets your Auto Shot counter to Zero … wasting all that free time and damage (yuk)

Early Auto Shot is Bad

Don’t forget: always be patient enough to actually let all that free damage get out of your bow!

For Marksman and Survival hunters

MM-SV Shot rotation


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